Dr Luke B.


I was awarded a Ph. D. degree in molecular biology by the University of Adelaide in 2002.  I studied the Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Melbourne.

Work and Tutoring Experiences:

I work as a part-time teaching associate at The University of Melbourne at present and I am a member of Australian Education Union (AEU) and Independent Education Union (IEU).  My career as a research scientist started in 1991 after I gained my M. Agr. Sc degree in Beijing.   I have worked as a postdoctoral research fellow for more than 6 years at CSIRO and the University of Melbourne respectively.  Having been working as a research scientist in the area of molecular biology more than 25 years, I gained experiences not only in biology, but in chemistry, physics and maths as well.  Biological research needs lot of mathematics calculation, physics background, chemistry application.

I have worked as a private tutor for maths, physics, chemistry and biology since 1997 and provided one-to-one tutoring and student-organised group tutoring in Melbourne.  The tutoring deepens my knowledge and understanding not only the individual subjects, but also the intrinsic connections among these subjects.

With my extensive experience in scientific research and tutoring, I can explain abstract concepts and theories by using tangible examples.  Students find that maths and sciences are no longer abstract symbols, but fully embodying the reality.   I stress to understand the logic developments and intrinsic connections of concepts and theories, which ultimately help students to understand subjects thoroughly.

Lots of students have gains confidence and skills in maths and siences after they have learned with me for a period of time. I mainly help student to  understand the concepts, formulae and theorems thoroughly and practise the basic skills.  These help students to develop their mathematical and scientific skills gradually and to lay a solid foundation for their further studies.   Reasoning in maths plays a critical role for the studies in other subjects, such as physics, chemistry, and biology.  With their gaining more knowledge in sciences, students

My Teaching Philosophies:

Learning needs intensive coaching just like learning to play tennis.  Lots of skills and theories can be grasped quickly through practices under individual coaching.  When one prepares a high-stakes test, the major challenge is short of time.  I believe that one-to-one tutoring, student-organised group tutoring, or small group tutoring are the most effective ways to get ready for the test. In these types of tutoring,  not only can test takers choose the topics they need to study and the pace with which they are comfortable, but I can tailor the materials to suit students’ background and needs.


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