IB physics tutor

Dr Luke is considered as one of the best IB physics tutors

Physics is amazing!

Dr  Luke has been working as an IB physics tutor since 2010.  He tutors both IB physics standard level (SL) and higher level (HL).  

He is familiar with IB physics curriculum.  According to the 2016 Physics Guide, referencing the most popular IB physics textbooks, Dr Luke prepares his own IB physics tutoring notes for students in the order of development of knowledge. This greatly helps students understand, grasp and apply what they learn.  His students normally could get 7 in physics.

The IB physics syllabus is divided into three parts: a core,  additional higher level (AHL) materials and options. The core consists mechanics, thermal physics, waves, electricity & magnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics. 
The options for SL students are normally mechanics extension, quantum physics & nuclear physics, and energy extension. The options for both SL and HL students are normally biomedical physics, astrophysics, relativity and optics. The topics for additional higher level study include measurements and uncertainties, mechanics, thermal physics, wave phenomena, electromagnetism, quantum physics and nuclear physics.


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