Reviews by my previous Clients

Review from Lily (May, 2023

Dr Luke explains things clearly and helped me immensely with Specialist maths. [Lily Hall] 5 stars.

Review from Emily (March, 2023

“Dr. Luke Bian was able to help me learn the concepts needed for physics in section 3 of the GAMSAT. Having not learnt any physics before, I found Dr. Bian was able to clearly explain the content to me and provide me with many questions (specifically related to the GAMSAT style). It was very helpful being able to ask him any questions I had and as a result of that, see what I could be improving on. Finally, he was able to provide me with knowledge regarding what to expect from GAMSAT questions. I thank him for his time, knowledge and skill in helping me.”  Emily

Google Review from Chris (Jan, 2023/ search for BHG Tutoring)

Luke is a fantastic tutor. Not only did he provide comprehensive notes and practice questions to consolidate my learning, he also was able to teach me knowledge beyond the VCE curriculum, allowing me to fully grasp each topic and fuelling my passion for chemistry. He was also very flexible, both in terms of lesson times and also tailoring the lessons to my particular needs. Would definitely recommend. Chris

Google Review from Kate (Oct, 2022/ search for BHG Tutoring)

Luke completely changed my son’s relationship and confidence with maths. He overcame patchy teaching over the last few years, bought out my son’s natural ability by ensuring that all the basic foundations were there and then supported him, listening to what he wanted to focus on each lesson. He established trust and a safe learning space. I would 100% recommend. Kate

Googel Review from Elliott (May, 2022/ search for BHG Tutoring)

A great tutor. Is very flexible with lesson times and was able to accommodate my full time work. Has good lesson notes and breaks down questions into easy to understand concepts and language. Thanks Luke for your help! Elliot

Googel review from Eric (Dec, 2022/ search for BHG Tutoring)

Initially, I struggled to catch up with my subjects and with the lockdowns, I struggled harder to catch up. BHG tutoring not only helped me with the content but also reignited my intrigue in the subjects I was being tutored in since my school’s online classes have been less than optimised. Eric

Text from Belle (May, 2017)

Hi Luke! It’s Belle here, you tutored me earlier this year in Chemistry and Physics. Just wanted to let you know I ended up getting an 83 for Sect III of the GAMSAT this year! I’m very excited to have an overall score of 80 and I’m grateful for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks and good luck with future endeavours. Belle.

Email from Jacqueline (Feb 2017)

Dear Luke,

I just wanted to quickly email you to let you know the fantastic news that our son (whom you tutored early this year) did win a scholarship to Trinity. We are so pleased and wanted to share with you this exciting news.

Thank-you again for your insights which I’m positive contributed to his success as you showed such a thorough knowledge of not only the format of testing, but the added nuances that only years of experience have gleamed.

Please take care and we wish you all the best with your current students.



Email from by Daniel Z. (Dec, 2016)

Hey Luke,

I just wanted to tell you that I ended up getting a 41 study score for Chemistry and 38 for Physics. Thanks for all your help this year and I wish you all the best for the future.
Regards Daniel.

Email from Alice W. (Nov. 2016)

Hi Luke,

I’m not sure if you remember me but I am one of the Irish girls that you tutored at the start of the year for gamsat science! I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your tutoring I’m now studying medicine back in Ireland! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Kind regards,

Alice W.

Eamil from Aya (Jan 2016)

Hey Luke!

Hope you’re going well!
Just wanted to let you know that with your help and effort, I was able to make it into Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at Monash!
Thank you so much!


Email from Aya (Dec, 2015)

Hi Luke!

I would like to thank you for all your help with my studies this year.
These are my results:


Raw: 34
Scaled: 38.41

-Maths Methods:
Raw: 32
Scaled: 36.93

Raw: 35
Scaled: 35.65

My atar is 93.00

Again, thank you so much for your help. It was great working with you!


Text from Annabelle (Dec 2014)

97.5 maths 43

The follows from my page on the University Tutor website


Posted  by Lulu L.

Excellent communicator and is very knowledgeable. Easy to work with.

Posted by Dave H.

Luke was knowlegable, nice, and comfortable to work with.

Posted by Victoria R.

Had quick response and have scheduled some lessons for June-July period. Will revisit the review in few months time

Posted by John

Luke is very professional in tutoring. He tried his best to meet my requirements and has very thorough understanding of physics, chemistry (especially organic chemistry) and biology, which help me a lot in my GAMSAT preparation.

Posted by Cath

Very knowlegeable and detailed section 3 explanations.

Posted by Yonis A.

What has been great about Luke is that he knows his topics very well and is always helpful in answering any questions. You can direct the topics in the sessions or he can advise you on what to do next so that the learning is gradual and simple. I’ve found him really great and would recommend him to anyone.

Posted  by Nick

Very good, easy to deal with. Arrived on time. My son is very happy with Luke.

Posted by Mary H.

Luke responded promptly and provided some suitable timeslots. The tutorials were very useful and will use again. We live a long way from Melbourne so we would make more use of Luke if we lived in Melbourne.

Posted by Tanya C.

Promptly responded to my email. Very professional.

Posted by Simona D.

Luke has been a very helpful tutor to work with. He has helped me get confidence back into maths and has always been very positive towards my learning.

Posted by Susanna

My son has had 1 Maths lesson with Luke. We were worried about his strong accent. However, my son was very satisfied with Luke and wants to continue working with him. Luke was very good in explaining the problems thoroughly. Thank you

Posted by Miriam C.

My son was grateful for the tute.. we found an excellent tutor closer to home otherwise would have continued with Luke. All the best and thanks for your prompt service.

Posted by Kylie

Luke is a fantastic tutor. He explains cleary and slowly.

Posted  by Georgie

Luke is a fantastic tutor! He explains things very thoroughly and carefully to make sure I understand.

Posted by Elicia

Luke was fabulous (according to my son who he was tutoring). He explained things that my son had been struggling with and showed him alternative methods for working it out. I would highly recommend him and my son will be using him again.

Posted  by Jo L.

Luke was very prompt in replying and has had one session with my daughter and another planned for 6th May. He has already made a difference with her understanding of Maths

Posted  by Vikram R.

He is a good tutor, sometimes a little bit of a language barrier, but very good at explaining questions.