Dr Luke is one of the best biology tutors

Biology is a fascinating subject. However, it can seem overwhelming to students, teachers and scientists. Apart from the vast diversity of organisms, new discoveries and new technologies are being made at an unprecedented pace. As a biology tutor, I would help to address this challenge by providing a strong foundation for under- standing both current knowledge and new developments in the context of underlying biological concepts.

Biology is a multidisciplinary science, which is also a big task for both students and biology tutors. Some biology tutors specialised in the study of life, but organisms and their environments are natural systems to which the concepts of chemistry and physics apply.

Having been working as a research scientist in the area of biology more than 40 years, I have thorough understanding and rich experience in biology. Biological research needs lot of mathematics calculation, physics background, chemistry application. The extensive research experiences in past forty years give me a huge advantage as a biology tutor.

Since 2008, I have devoted as a biology tutor to help both university and high school students.

High school biology:
VCE biology, VCE biology 1/2, VCE Biology 3/4
IB biology, IB biology SL, IB biology HL

The university biology courses:
Biology of Australian Flora & Fauna (BIOL10001, the University of Melbourne)
Biology of the Cell (BIOL2272, RMIT),
Introductory Biology: Life’s Machinery (BIOL10008, the university of Melbourne),
Medical Microbiology and Immunology (SLE33, Deakin);
Molecular Biology (BMS1062, Monash University)

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