Live online tutoring

Live online tutoring

Free online tutoring session

A free online tutoring session of 15 minutes can be scheduled. We can discuss how the live online tutoring works, identify student’s weakness, and explain one or two concepts.

Dr Luke provides live online tutoring catered to your background, need and level to ensure you achieve your goal most efficiently.

Since March 2020, Dr Luke’s tutoring service had been forced to move from in person to online. However, nearly all students find that online tutoring is a great option. This saves a huge amount of time of traveling. The tutoring is in a private environment without any distraction. The tutoring results for online is matching or even better than that in person tutoring.

Actually, the results of live Zoom lessons are much better than that of in person as we are actually
“face to face”. When we do in person, students still need to see my laptop screen, which is relatively small. Zoom is usually used due to their screen sharing feature, which facilitates online tutoring greatly. Students see my screen on their own monitor, which is normally bigger.

A the same time, a web-based whiteboard is used for both student and tutor to write and draw. Students can see when I write. It would be help that students have an iPad or a touch screen computer. However, this is not a must.

In some extreme cases for one to one tutoring, teachers can call student’s mobile for the voice channel, when the sound quality is not very good in .

To save time, please send me the materials with which you would to work. If there is multiple pages, please compile into one pfd file.

If you like, we can organise a free online tutoring session of 15 minutes with Dr Luke. When you have the free online tutoring, you will like live online tutoring.

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