Dr Luke works as a science tutor Melbourne since 1997. Having been being a research scientist  for more than 30 years makes him one of the best science tutors in Melbourne.

According to the Australian Curriculum,  Science has three interrelated strands: science understanding, science as a human endeavour and science inquiry skills.

The science understanding strand comprises four sub-strands, biological sciences, chemical sciences, Earth &  space sciences, and physical sciences. Science understanding is evident when a person selects and integrates appropriate science knowledge to explain and predict phenomena, and applies that knowledge to new situations. Science knowledge refers to facts, concepts, principles, laws, theories and models that have been established by scientists over time. This strand provides the content through which the key ideas of science and skills are developed within contexts appropriate to the learners.

Science as a human endeavour highlights the development of science as a unique way of knowing and doing, and the importance of science in contemporary decision-making and problem-solving.

Science inquiry involves identifying and posing questions; planning, conducting and reflecting on investigations; processing, analysing and interpreting evidence; and communicating findings.

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