Statistic tutor

As a statistics tutor, I provide tutoring and consultancy for statistics in biological, medical, psychological, financial, business, economical areas. I provide helps from understanding the complex concepts and theories, designing and analysing statistic data, and interpreting the statistic results from common used statistic programs.

I helped students with the following subjects: RMIT,MATH2199,Probability and Statistics ; La Trobe University,BUS5SBF,Statistics for Business and Finance ;The University of Melbourne, ECON10005,Quantitative Methods 1&2 ;Monash University, ETC1000, Business and economic statistics.

Statistics is a theory of information, with inference making as its objective and widely used in medical, biological, psychological, and economical research and daily work. It is now regarded as a separate field, analogous to physics—not as a branch of mathematics but as a theory of information that utilises mathematics heavily. It is difficult for most of people to start to learn and use statistics, which is full of abstract theories and concepts. Statistics uses advanced maths, such as probability, calculus and linear algebra. Even for those who have been using statistics for a period of time, lots of concepts are still difficult grasp, such as the difference between standard deviation and standard error, how to use Poisson and Gamma Distribution and etc.

I have been using statistics in my scientific research work since 1988 and helped many clients and students who learned and used statistics from a wide range background, such as to analyse clinic date, design and analyse the psychological surveys, study quantitative methods used in commerce and economic areas. I have developed a strong expertise in statistics.

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